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systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), disease activity and related organ damage

Challenges in Diagnosing SLE

More than 60% of patients with SLE report that they were initially misdiagnosed.1 In fact, accurate diagnosis may take years.1,2

There are several reasons for these challenges in diagnosing patients with SLE3:

  • Similarity and overlap between SLE symptoms and those of multiple other conditions.
  • Patients may present with different symptoms at different times.
  • SLE may co-present with other autoimmune diseases.
  • No single test is sufficient to establish a diagnosis of SLE.

In addition, 52% of patients report that they minimize their symptoms when talking to physicians—72% of physicians are unaware that patients tend to underreport their symptoms.4,*

* Data from the 2011 National Burden of Lupus survey was funded and developed by GSK. This survey included 957 people in the lupus community — 502 people who reported being diagnosed with SLE, 204 supporters (family members or friends) of people with lupus and 251 rheumatologists.

Diagnosing SLE in Denise took 2 years. View her case study now. Case study is hypothetical.

Explore the Role of Unconscious Bias

Visit The Lupus Initiative for additional resources, including a video series examining how unconscious bias impacts the diagnosis and treatment of lupus.

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patient denise

For Denise and her healthcare providers, arriving at a diagnosis of SLE took 2 years. Unfortunately, their story is not unusual.

Case study is hypothetical.

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Exploring Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

This slide deck discusses the path to diagnosis of SLE, pathogenesis of the disease, impact on patients, and how to best support patients.

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What Next?

Patient case studies can be a useful tool for understanding the many manifestations of SLE.

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